Challenging Obstacles

Warped Wall

Fun for all ages with 3 warped walls. 14 ft, 10ft, and 6 foot

Foam Quadruple Steps

Foam quad steps for the lil ninjas.

Quadruple Steps

Have fun mastering the quad steps!

Various Monkey Bars

Various heights, widths, and difficulty with multiple versions of the good ol’ monkey bars!

Multiple Trapeze Bars

Swing until your hearts content on the multiple trapeze bars.

Cannonball+ Alley

With numerous grips to try on the 15ft obstacle, do you have the ability to navigate cannonball+ alley?


Isn’t funny when the Ninja Warriors bite it on the trampoline! Come give the rebounder a try!

Salmon Ladder

Come and give the iconic Salmon Ladder a try!

Tilting Balance Beam

With varying degrees of difficulty we have a 1.5ft tall tilting balance beam that is 10ft long and a 2.5 ft tall beam that is 12ft long!

Up and Over Walls

We have walls to climb over that are just over 4 ft and just over 6ft!

Tilting Ladders

Combine strength, stability, and coordination to traverse our two 6 foot long tilting ladders.

Rope climb

Want to flash back to the old days in PE?! Try out our 15+ foot rope climb!

Swinging Trapeze

3 swinging trapeze available to work on body control/awareness

Peg Boards

16 feet of peg boards with traditional or ball holds

Cliff Hanger

Trim your finger nails for this one, it is going to be a nail biter!

Unstable Bridges

Are your hands tough enough for this one?!

Floating Lily Pads

Upper extremity strength and core control required for the floating lily pads! Little ones also enjoy using these as swings 😉


Use the help line above or traverse the line independently!